Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

About Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

About Dog Gone Smart Pet Products

At Dog Gone Smart Pet Products, our focus is on developing high quality products and solutions for the pet industry. Chris Onthank, an animal behaviorist and canine expert, founded the company in 2006 with the desire to provide the pet industry with innovative and technically superior products that help alleviate the stress associated with pet parenting.

The company is committed to finding clever and creative solutions to dog owner’s most common challenges – feeding, bathing, grooming, dog-walking. The ultimate joy is solving pet owner’s most common problems by applying smart and cutting-edge designs to our products.

Committed to Quality and Service

Chris and his team are passionate about providing pet owners with specialized products and technologies that solve challenges of the modern pet owner. The D.GS team understands the deep relationship between pets and their parents so we have made our mission to enhance that dog-parent experience.

The company has a unique emphasis. Every product and solution must deliver premium quality items and also exceed the aesthetic demands of modern families.

Innovative Solutions

Chris started the company’s innovation path by introducing nano technology in the pet industry with Repelz-It™ – the company’s award-winning technology that is water and stain resistant preventing liquids, dirt and natural oil in our pet’s coat from sticking to Dog Gone Smart fabrics.

Following that first product introduction, the company has since expanded its product offerings. In addition to the Repelz-it Nanoprotection product lines that includes dog bedding and outerwear, Dog Gone Smart products include the Original Dirty Dog Doormat product line and the innovative dog-walking modular system I’m Gismo. We have incorporated into our products the following technologies and solutions:

  • Wicking technology.
  • Nano technology
  • Reflective technology
  • Dog-Walking Modular System

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products are found in over forty countries around the world.

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