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Fantastic Dog Bed

November 14, 2010

We love this bed! I have purchased hundreds of dollars of beds over the last 17 years. I would recommend this product (Dog Gone Smart Donut Bed). This bed has not gotten the doggy smell that most beds get. I have one in almost all the rooms. None of them have lost their shape and still look great after more than 1 year! It washes great and is not too difficult to put back together. It may run small, but my dog is only 28 pounds. – Kathy

November 11, 2010

My Experience with Dog Gone Smart Bed has included East Coast weather and the Desert Southwest, temperature changes from freezing sleet to 115 degrees of heat. I have used the beds with Labs, Jack’s and Bernese Mountain Dogs and I am a very happy client and pleased to report the beds look new, easy to clean, the hair does not stick to the material, dirt disappears, and best of all, besides the colors, there has never been an odor from any of the beds! – Stacey Phonemon Balkin-Larsen

August 29, 2010

For the older dogs too.

My older dogs love memory foam pet beds. They don’t wiggle or wobble when they step up on them. They are great for older pets! – FurBabys, Twitter follower

September 27, 2010

Sadie loves her bed!

This bed is very thick, comfortable and very roomie for Sadie, who is a big girl. She spends a lot of time in bed, and it hasn’t compressed at all. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t show the dirt. -ZooToo,Twitter follower

On the road.

This is a comfy bed. When traveling, I put it in the back of my SUV, turn the radio up and the dog sleeps away. -ZooToo, Twitter follower

Dog Gone Good!

A wonderfully cozy and comfy bed; even for the larger dogs!- ZooToo, Twitter follower

April 30, 2010

Our dog LOVES your donut bed! And we love how clean it is. -dogpeopleinc, Twitter follower

April 30, 2010

Hope is my great Dane who suffers house dust allergies. We were given two of your XL dog beds and the beds are fab! – Laura Pettifer, Twitter follower

July 3, 2010

Love the crate pads for our kennel.- DogTrotter, Twitter follower

July 4, 2010

This is one of the best beds we’ve seen for the dogs that can’t stay clean.- SURFPET, Facebook

LOVE the Donut Bed!!

August 31, 2010

I ordered the large donut bed for my 30lb Basset Hound. She LOVED it immediately. She is a bit of a burrower, so she likes to dig up the bottom part of the bed and snuggle up under it so that she’s in her own little cave. She can just dig and dig and that fabric will not tear or snag. Definitely recommend it! – KB

For small dogs.

August 30, 2010

My little Yorkies LOVE the cat beds!! They are the very best!! – Angela, Barkville

Clean Dog Bed.

August 25, 2010

Just tossed out three dog beds because I couldn’t get them clean and they smelled yucky. I did some research and found your product. I’m going to pick up three crate pads–if they are as good as all your customer reviews I’ll be thrilled and consider it money well spent! – Sandi Scranton

Thanks for a great product!

July 20, 2010

I ordered a 42″ Red Dog Gone Smart Bed from and received it quickly. Our miniature schnauzer and fox terrier puppies love, love, love the bed! The puppies are always drinking and dripping so we’ve already noticed how the water beads up on the bed. I have plans to order the jackets as we get closer to winter. I think they will be wonderful! Thanks for a great product! -Connie

Love the donut bed!

July 6, 2010

Our dogs Lola (left) and Seamus (right) love to cuddle in their bed. I love the bed for its size, weight, and that it doesn’t smell like “dog”. -Claudia Cooper

Great Product! 

June 22, 2010

This bed stays clean and does not show hair. It always smells new, and our dog loves it! It stays plump too and she cant snag or tear the fabric…its great! -Jeanne

Parent of Obi

May 17th, 2010

I bought this donut bed for my new puppy. He loves it and cannot tear or snag the fabric. It stays clean even when he gets dirty. We are going to get the leash and collar ensemble next! We all love this bed! Now we are getting one for our senior cockapoo as well!

Best Dog (Cat) Bed Ever

January 19, 2010

I bought my dogs the large size bed for Christmas, and they love it! Check out the photos, Bosco (greyhound) is waiting for Coco; siamese cat to move so he can enjoy it it too.  Pixie the whippet also loves to get a turn.  I have found this is the best dog (cat) bed ever, it’s very easy to clean and I am so happy that accidents run right off. – Helen

Donut Dog Bed

January 6, 2010

The only dog bed that our cockers have not eaten, gone pee on or torn up….the great bed is filled with an enclosed bladder of polyfill and had a polyfill pillow inside the outer bed shape. It is wonderful and the dogs love to rest their heads on the rounded bolster like edge.  I can put the bed frame into the washer and dryer, without removed the enclosed bladder through the zipper, and it comes out wonderful! I put the loose pillow in seperately and it also washed very well and dried fast. Clearly your product is preferred to the poly/cedar chip filled bedding. 

P.S. I cannot say enough to priase this fabric and style and the convenience of complete wash and dry capability! Why would anyone purchase anything esle?- Mari

Dog Gone Smart Beds

January 6, 2010

I just purchased one of your Dog Gone Smart Beds at Petco for my cat. It is going to serve a purpose, but probably not exactly as you’d imagine! I adopted Oscar from Best Friends Animal Society almost two years ago. Oscar was found as a stray that had been shot in the face. He has no bottom jaw, as a result. So, he drools a lot. The fact that your products are extremely resistant to liquids and reduce the spread of bacteria, this is a perfect bed for Oscar.   Thank you for such wonderful products. It almost seems like the bed was designed with Oscar in mind! -Nicole and Oscar

Great Jacket

December 23, 2009

Luther Ray is a 67lbs pit mix with little hair on his underside and not too much more on top! He is kept quite warm and enjoys wearing his XXL jacket on the cool San Francisco nights. Keep up the wonderful product and technology. -Debbie Wong

Wonderful Customer Service

December 22, 2009

Thank you for taking care of my problem. Unfortunately, in Australia these days, there doesn’t seem to be much customer service so it was refreshing to have my problem resolved in a quick and pleasant way. I will definitely recomment your products to all my animal lovers.  -Belinda

Great for Labs

November 25, 2009

Bought this bed after many disappointing beds for various stores. The color is great and the hair does not show.  It has stayed plump and she has no desire to chew it, unlike other poly-filled ones I have bought.  I havent washed it yet, as it has not needed it. My dog loves this bed.  It has kept her from the furniture.


Dog Bed Delivers!

November 4, 2009

The Dog Gone Smart Bed delivered all of my expectations!
* Well Made
* Comfy
* Nice, neutral color
* Durable Material
I recommend this product! – Sherry L. Peel

Best Dog Bed Ever. Period.

October 13, 2009

The frist night we had it one of our cats tried to claim it as her own in the urinary sense, the spray didn’t soak in at all, rolled into a dimple, and wicked right up with a paper towel. There was absolutely no way to stain this bed, and if somehow you do, it’s washable! Super soft, and our dog loves it. We’ve had it a while now and absolutely no dog smell.” -Hairnut

Great Purchase

September 21, 2009

“I have my own inside dogs for 30 years and have gone through many beds. I feel a dogs bed should be clean, roomy, comfy and durable. The bed proves to be all of those things. My current dog loves this bed for many reasons but the main one is the fact that he can rest his head on the raised sides as he loves to have his head on a pillow. I will probably order another for a new puppy that is coming into our home.” – ChiefsMama

Great Bed

July 15, 2009

Not only does my dog (along with all visiting dogs) love this comfy bed, I love how well liquids bead up rather than soaking into this bed. -Person for Jack

Mollys personal couch

July 8, 2009

My dog Molly loves sitting on the couch, especially on TOP of the back cushions. After a few weeks of this, the couch has started to slouch and I knew I needed to find something equally comfortable for my 25 pound Cocker Spaniel. I decided to get this bed becasue it was one of the only 100% cotton covered beds out there, and it was more of a pillow than a bed. She likes “sinking in” to her bed and it doesn’t seem like it will get too hott since the cover is breathable. I did get the large for her since I thought the smaller size would be too small. -Brooke Phelps

High Quality Filling

June 26, 2009

I have two Cairn Terriers who share the bed, and both fit on it at the same time. After several weeks, the filling is still fluffy. Love the fact that the cover is washable, though haven’t tried that yet. I would recommend this bed. -S. Beach

Best dog bed

May 13, 2009

We love this bed. I have purchased hundreds of dollars of beds over the last 17 years. This bed has not gotten the doggy smell that most beds get. It washes great and is not too difficult to put back together. None of them have lost their shape and still look great after more than 1 year.I have one in almost all the rooms. I would reccomend this product. It may run small but my dog is only 28 lbs. – Kathy “Dog Bed Fanatic”

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