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Thanks to Dog Gone Smart Technology™, our fabrics…

  • Stay clean naturally, reduce the spread of bacteria and stand up to the wear and tear of the most active dog

  • Are non-toxic, pet safe and environmentally friendly.
    The NanoSphere® finish even carries the label bluesign® approved

Extremely resistant to liquids, dirt, grime and coat oil

Dog Jacket
Reduce the spread of bacteria which can cause “doggie” odor as well as bacterial infections and allergens, creating a healthier environment for your dog

Highly abrasion resistant and durable, making our products last longer saving you time and money

Retain the fabric’s soft natural feel providing ultimate comfort

Protective finish remains functional even after 50 wash cycles

  • Require less washing and dry much faster than other fabrics

  • Used by some of the world’s leading outdoor sportswear brands

    Available in many classic styles and colors



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NanoSphere® is a registered trademark of Schoeller Technologies AG, Switzerland (patent protected technology).

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