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Dog Gone Smart Green

Dog Gone Smart Green is proud to introduce the world’s first completely biodegradable pet bed!

100% organic cotton/bamboo fabric using all natural vegetable dyes provides a soft feel and durability

Bamboo keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer (crate pad only)

Generously filled with all natural kapok from the cotton tree

Kapok is bitter and naturally repels bacteria, microbes and dust mites*

Biodegradable zippers made from corn and other plant materials**

Machine washable- kapok bed inserts should not be washed but shaken out and aired

* As an important part of the rainforest eco-system, the cotton tree is never destroyed during the harvesting period.

Rectangle Bed Sizes:

M 26” x 34” (For dogs up to 55 lbs.)

L 30” x 40” (For dogs up to 90 lbs.)

XL 36” x 48” (For dogs 90+ lbs.)

Crate Pad Sizes:
XS 15” x 20”
S 19” x 24”
M 21” x 30”
L 23” x 36”
XL 28” x 42”
XXL 30″ x 48

**Biodegradable zippers

Rectangle Beds (M, L) and bamboo top crate pad


Green Apple Mushroom Sage

Our website is powered by 100% wind energy!

  • Require less washing and dry much faster than other fabrics

  • Used by some of the world’s leading outdoor sportswear brands

    Available in many classic styles and colors



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