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That stay clean naturally, thanks to Dog

 Gone Smart™ Technology!

Using Dog Gone Smart Technology™, our fabrics wick away moisture,

 stay clean naturally, reduce the spread of bacteria and

 stand up to the wear and tear of the most active horse.

Our fabrics contain a state-of-the-art bacte

riostatic, reducing the spread bacterial and fungal infections, creating a healthier environment for your horse.

Breathable material
These products require less washing and dry noticeably faster than products without Dog Gone Smart Technology™

Horse-safe Dog Gone Smart Technology™ is free of PFOS and PFOA (known carcinogens found in other fabric finishes)
These fabrics 

are non toxic, horse safe, 

environmentally friendly and even carry the label bluesign® approved.

Dog Gone Smart Horse Sheet

Dog Gone Smart Saddle Pad

Sizes for Stable Sheets:

72″ Adjusts 70″ to 74″

75″ Adjusts 73″ to 77″

78″ Adjusts 76″ to 80″

81″ Adjusts 79″ to 83″

84″ Adjusts 82″ to 86″

Colors: hunter green, navy and tan

Size for Saddle Pads:

One Size, 26″ x 40″

Colors: black, navy, tan and white

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