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Crate Pads / Mats

Dogs just love somewhere comfortable to lie down

These easy-care fabrics are ideal for the messy puppy and older dogs alike

Designed to fit most standard-sized crates and carriers

Great for traveling these plush pads can be used as a bed or a protective car seat cushion. Your dog will just flop down wherever he sees his favorite mat and feel right at home

100% soft cotton fabric on one side makes the pads cool in the summer while the reversed sherpa side provides extra warmth in the winter

Convenient loop for easy hanging
XS 15” x 20”
S 19” x 24”
M 21” x 30”
L 23” x 36”
XL 28” x 42”
XXL 30″ x 48″

Care Instructions

Available in these colors:

Crate Pads
Crate Pads

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